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    Supplier Hub Help

    Supplier Hub Help

    Help Directory

    On this page, you will find help documents and videos on using the Kroger Supplier Hub.
    For an overview of the Kroger Supplier Hub, click here.

    Getting Started in the Kroger Supplier Hub

    Prospect Vendors

    Prospect vendors are vendors with whom Kroger does not currently do business.

    Login Assistance

    Company Profile/Organization

    Categorization Questionnaire

    Legal Terms and Conditions

    Diversity Information

    Organization Contacts

    Address Book

    Facility Profile Questionnaire

    Facility Categorization Questionnaire

    Create/Update Address Details

    Facility Contacts

    Facility Food Safety Compliance

    Facility Social Compliance

    Facility Sustainability

    Review and Submit

    If you have any questions, please contact the Kroger Supplier Engagement Group:

    The Kroger Family of Companies